Wednesday, May 16, 2007

El Campo Verde. The Green Countryside

Tomamos esta foto rumbo a un pueblito que queríamos visitar. Preguntamos a una chica caminando por allí acerca de la distancia. Nos dijo, "unosh veinte minutosh en carro." (Algunas personas de la sierra hablan así.) Manejamos unos 40 minutos cuando vimos a un viejito y le preguntamos cuanto tiempo más. Nos dijo, "de aquí, en carro, unosh 30 minutosh." La gente del campo no usa reloj y preguntar cuanto tiempo es casi preguntar por gusto. La única cosa buena es que trae buenos recuerdos y la gente es muy linda. Debes hacer un "clic en la foto para verla mejor. El campo es precioso.

We took this picture on the way to a little town we wanted to visit. We asked a young woman that was walking along, "How much farther to the next town?" She told us, "twenty minutes" with her quechua accent. We drove for about 40 minutes when we came upon an old man and we asked him how much farther it was to the next town. He told us, "about 30 minutes in car." The people of the countryside don´t use watches and so it´s almost a waste of time to even ask how much longer. The one nice thing about it is that it does give you good memories and the people are awesome. "Click" on the picture to see it better. The countryside here is beautiful.

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God's creation is just Beautiful!!