Thursday, April 13, 2006

No Tengo Mucho Tiempo I don´t have a lot of time

No he podido escribir mucho en estoy días porque estamos trabajando mucho preparando en nuevo local en Surco.
El domingo va a ser bonito porque vamos a hacer una reunión especial en la playa a las 6:45 a.m. Queremos celebrar la resurrección de Jesús. Sabemos que mucha gente va a escuchar el mensaje de salvacion. Oren por eso.
Aquí hay más fotos.

I haven´t been able to write much these days because we´re working alot preparing the new building in Surco.
Sunday is going to be a special day because we´re going to have a special meeting at the beach at 6:45 a.m. We want to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We know that a lot of people will hear the message of salvation. Pray for it.
Here are some pictures.


Clay Soldier said...

I love you guys. You have been in my prayers. It is so good to see the pictures and to read about what is going on over there. New building? Praise the Lord! He is so very good. Say hello to everyone for me. Keep in touch.

Your brother and friend,

Chris Jacobs

Anonymous said...


We miss you brother! We need you're busy serving the Lord in Utah too and so we'll keep praying for you. Come and visit us some time when you get the chance.

Making disciples in Peru,