Thursday, March 23, 2006

Marco Ayer y Hoy Marco yesterday and Today

Aquí está Marco ayer en la cama. Pobrecito Here is Marco Yesterday. Poor guy.

Aquí está Marco hace unas horas. Ya está en casa. Here's Marco a few hours ago. He's at home now.


Carlitos Velásquez said...

Gracias a Dios, esta muy bien, mandale mis saludos a Marco,y que se cuide mucho, lo queremos, es nuestra familia en Cristo.

Anonymous said...

This is Michael from Miami. I am so glad that he is back home and on his way to recovery. Praise God everything went well. Kind of shocked I got when first thing I saw as I opened the page to see him like that. Thank God is over.

Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia said...


thanks for writing. God bless you brother. Hope you can come down for a visit sometime.


Anonymous said...

I will try my best. It is on my heart and prayers. Keep on the Good job. Blessings