Friday, July 14, 2006

Maryland y Boynton Maryland and Boynton

Se fue el grupo de Maryland anoche. Fue una bendición de Dios tener a todos ellos con nosotros. Gracia chicos por su apoyo.
Llegó el grupo de Boynton Beach Florida anoche. Que bueno ha sido ver a unos amigos de nuevo y conocer a gente nueva también. No hay nada como la Koinonia entre hermanos.
Hoy día, algunos del grupo de Boynton están ayudando a poner un techito en la casa de una hermana de la iglesia. Otros están pintando y limpiando la iglesia en Surco y otros están ordenando cosas. No necesitas un talento especial para venir y servir como misionero a corto plazo. Solo necesitas una buena actitud y una disposición a servir. Te invito a venir y ayudarnos en la obra aquí en El Perú.

The group from Maryland left last night. It was a blessing from God having them here with us. Thanks for all of your help guys.

The group from Boynton Beach arrived last night too. It’s been so good to see some of our friends again and to meet new ones as well. There is nothing like Koinonia between brothers.

Some of the guys from Boynton are helping to put a roof on a house were a sister from the church lives, others are painting. Some are cleaning the church building and some are organizing supplies. You don’t need a special talent to come and serve as a short term missionary. You just need a good attitude and a willingness to serve. I invite you to come and help us in the work here in Peru.


Jim Foreman said...

Thanks so much for your love and care while we were there. Your hospitality was truly a testament to your faith. Thanks again for everything!


Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia said...


Thanks for coming. You guys were such a blessing to us. We love you.


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