Friday, November 24, 2006

Ya Regresamos We're Back

Los chicos y Betty en el Aeropuerto. The kids and Betty in the Airport.

Regresamos al Perú ayer en la mañana. Estábamos muy cansados después de viajar de madrugada. Pasamos el día descansando y sacando unas cosas de las maletas. En la noche fuimos al estudio bíblico. Gracias al Señor, conocimos a mucha gente nueva en el viaje. Ahora estamos orando para ver que es lo que Dios hará a travéz de todos los amigos que conocimos. Queremos seguir ministrando y avanzar más este año. Estamos orando por la provisión para poder hacerlo. Oren con nosotros.

Oren por el viaje misionero a Ayacucho programado por la primera semana de Diciembre. Dios mediante estaremos enseñando la palabra de Dios, haciendo títeres, mimos, y esperando a ver lo que Dios hará.

We returned to Peru yesterday morning. We were pretty tired after travelling during the night and so we took the better part of the day to rest and unpack a few things. We went to the Bible study in the evening. Thanks to the Lord we were able to meet a lot of new people on our trip to the States. Now we're just waiting to see what the Lord will do through all of our new friends. We want to continue to minister here in Peru and go forward this year in many aspects of the ministry. We're praying for God's provision to be able to do it. Pray with us.

Pray for the missions trip to Ayacucho planned for the first week of December. God willing we will be teaching the word, doing puppet shows and mimes and waiting to see what God will do.


Matthew said...

It was good to see you guys when we took you to the airport. I was Blessed, I was thinking after that well praying really, I said Lord, Can I do plumbing in peru. I would really like that Lord! But We shall see in time. I miss you guys

Iglesia Cristiana Koinonia said...


Thanks for all of your help. I don't know if you could do just plumbing in Peru but we could definitely use a maintenance man to do painting, plumbing, etc.
Pray about it and let's see what the Lord will do. Lately I've been praying for a full time maintenance man to come as a missionary.
God bless,

Making disciples in Peru


Matthew said...

awesome, I will be praying for sure. The Lord is going to do some awesome things. Yup That will be a blessing to be able to come out and do that.i will start praying right now. I love you guys. Tell everyone I love them. I will see you guys soon, I hope!

Be Blessed