Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Festival de Niños Esta Noche en Surco. Children's Festival Tonight in Surco

Esta noche va a ser una noche especial porque estamos realizando el festival de niños. Queremos aprovechar de la oportunidad de invitar a los niños a la iglesia para divertirse, recibir premios, etc. y más importante, escuchar la palabra de Dios. Ya sabemos que van a venir muchos niños con sus padres que no son cristianos. Oren por ellos y nosotros esta noche.

Tonight will be a special night because we've organized the children's festival. We want to take advantage of the opportunity. We've invited children to come to church to have a good time, receive prizes, etc. and most importantly, to hear the gospel. We already know that there will be many children and their parents in attendance that aren't christians. Pray for them and for us tonight.

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Clay Soldier said...


I just wanted to apologize for not staying in contact, especially around the time of the Peru quakes. I feel terrible. Assumed you guys were ok, since I got word from CCBC Lima that everything was ok there. Anyway, I prayed for you and for this festival there.

May Jesus richly bless you,